Friday, September 30, 2011

Solar Shield Sunscreen Test 09/29/2011

On September 29th, I set out for Sebastian Inlet around 9:00AM to test Solar Shield sunscreen and its affect on catching fish and killing live bait. I arrived at the Sebastian Inlet State Park around 10:15AM. It was sunny with a high temperature of 89 Degrees. There was a 20% chance of thunder storms. The wind was out of the east at 5 mph. I started fishing on the north side of the inlet on the beach. I used two surf rods. I opened one of the three sunscreen sample packets, see photo to the left and applied the sunscreen to my face, neck, arms and hands. I did not wash my hands after applying the sunscreen. I started the day using frozen shrimp on a two-hook pompono rig using the small 7'-0" rod. I applied sunscreen directly to the shrimp. See photo to the left. After my first cast, I caught a 12"-14" whiting which I returned to the sea. On my 12 foot surf rod, I was using a single hook set up and 2' square chunks of frozen lady fish. While fishing from the beach side, I did not catch any fish on the big surf rod and frozen lady fish. After about an hour, I caught a small stingray on the small rod using frozen shrimp that had been coated with sunscreen. After about 2 hours of fishing, I packed up and moved to fish along the channel inlet where it opens up into the the Indian River. I started with frozen shrimp on the small rod and caught many very small pin fish which I fed to the birds. Because I was able to net finger mullet, I switched to live bait. After putting the live finger mullet in to my bucket, I squeezed a packet of sunscreen into the live bait bucket. I took a live mullet from the bucket and tossed it out into the inlet using the small rod. After about 20 minutes, I caught a small 16" redfish. I released it back into the water. I rebaited my hook and tossed it out. I fished for another two hours with out any luck. I was fishing in an area where there were other anglers. During the time I fished, I could not see any other anglers catching fish. I stopped fishing around 3:30 PM. During my fishing, I did not see any affect on my live mullet or the ability to catch fish because I had sunscreen on my hands or in my bait bucket.

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