Thursday, December 14, 2006

Peacocks Pocket

Launch location L2 - Peacocks Pocket is located on the Intracoastal Waterway across from Titusville. Water access points vary along Peacock Pocket Road. This is a dirt road and conditions vary as to the amount of rain the area has received. Bait and tackle shops are located in Titusville. This fishing area boarders the JFK Space Center. All water locations within the boundary of the space center are off-limits to access and fishing. Fishing in the pocket can be great at times. There are many deep holes that hold fish. The water depth averages one to two feet.


John Neila said...

Peacocks Pocket Road has just reopened for vehicle traffic, which is good news for kayakers who use the unimproved boat launch there.

The road was closed for a couple of months for improvements on the culverts, road, and kayak launch area.

As of today, the fishing is great for trout, redfish, and black drum. Kayaks are great for these waters, especially if you're after one of those "gator trout".

Rubys Inn Bryce can said...

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