Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sebastian Inlet State Park

Sebastian Inlet is one of the most notable fishing locations in Central Florida. The park is located approximately 18 miles south of Melbourne Beach, FL along A1A. The park is divided into two halves caused by the inlet. There is a $3.00 park user fee for a vehicle with one person and a $5.00 fee if there are two or more in the vehicle. Launch Point L4 - This is a water access point located on a small sandy beach lagoon inside the park by the main the parking lot. This point can give access to the ocean when the tidal flow has stopped. All other times, the access to the ocean, may be impassable. Boat traffic through the inlet can be very heavy. Launch Point L5 - This is a concrete boat ramp located in the south side of the park. The fishing along the north and south sides of the park, along the edges of the mangroves, for red fish, snook and trout can be very productive. One should pay strict attention to the tides as the water can be less than six inches deep in may areas at low tide. There are some oyster beds in this area with sea grass and sand being the predominate bottom cover.

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